Amaris is a female given name. As a Spanish female name, it could be an elaborated form of Amara, the feminine form of Amaro, which is either the Spanish form of Germanic Adelmar meaning “noble famous” or it could be derived from Latin amarus meaning “bitter; harsh; sour, morose”. It’s also possible that Amaro, as a surname, may be derived from Arabic given name Omar meaning “flourishing, life” or Ammar “long-lived”, or Amar “moon”, both of which derive from the same root. It may also be derived from Germanic name Amalric meaning “work, labor + power”.

Amaris is also a Latin word, the feminine plural form of amarus, as well as also being the second-person singular present passive indicative of amō meaning “I love”. I’ve also seen Amaris listed as a Hebrew feminine form of Amariah meaning “Yahweh has said”, although I don’t know how accurate that is. Amaris could also be a contracted form of Amarilis, the Spanish form of Amaryllis which derives from Ancient Greek amarysso meaning “to sparkle”, possibly derived from pre-Greek origin.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Arabic



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