Bright/Clear, Color, Female, L names, Light, Proto-Indo-European, Virtues/Attributes, White


Luciana is the feminine form of Lucianus, an Ancient Roman cognomen derived from the Roman praenomen Lucius meaning “light” from Latin lux (light) derived from a PIE root word *lewk– (light, bright; white). Luciana has various pronunciations depending on the region it’s from: loo-CHAH-nah (Italian), loo-SYAH-nah (Latin American Spanish) or loo-THYAH-nah (European Spanish).

Nicknames: Lucy/Lucie

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

  • Luciána (Hungarian, Slovak)
  • Lucienne (French)


Male forms:

  • Luciano (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Lucianus (Ancient Roman)
  • Loukianos (Ancient Greek)
  • Lucius (Ancient Roman, English)
  • Lukius (English)


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