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Tai is a Chinese unisex name (as well as a surname also spelled Dai) with a variety of meanings depending on the characters used:

  • tài 太 “very, extreme; excessive; big; highest; elder”;
  • tài 泰 “extreme; greatest; safe, peaceful; big, large; good, excellent;”, also used as shortened form of Thailand;

Tai can also be used as part of a compound name, such as Tailong.

Tai is also a Korean male name as well as a surname (also spelled Tae or Thae) spelled with the hangul  and has a variety of meanings:

  • 태 (太) meaning “great, big”- used only for the surname;
  • 태 (泰) meaning “large, big; safe, peaceful; exalted”;
  • 태 (怠meaning “lazy; neglect”;
  • 태 (態) meaning “manner, bearing, attitude”;
  • 태 (銳) meaning “sharp; swift; agile”.

There are likely other meanings.

Tai is also a Japanese unisex name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used:

  • 大 “big, large”;
  • 泰 “peaceful, calm; Thailand”

There are other meanings depending on the kanji used. Written in hiragana it’s たい.

Tai is also an Arabic surname, derived from the name of a nisbah (used to indicate a person’s origin, tribe affiliation, or ancestry). In this case it refers to someone from the Tayy tribe which may mean “to plaster”;

Tai is also a Maori word meaning “sea”.

Origin: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic




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