Cayzer comes from a surname, a variant of Kaiser which derives from the Germanic word for “emperor”; it’s a variant form of Caesaran Ancient Roman cognomen famously attributed to Julius Caesar which later came to be regarded as an imperial title. Though its origins are unknown, it’s been linked to Latin caesaries meaning “hair”, referring to abundant or a luxurious head of hair, derived from a PIE root word. It may also be derived from Latin caesius meaning “bluish-gray” in reference to eye-color; or it may be derived from caedere meaning “to cut, hew, fell” in reference to being born through a Caesarian section derived from a PIE root word meaning “to cut, hew”. I’ve also seen it listed as having come about because he slew an elephant in battle, called caesai in the Moorish language. Since Caesar was his family nameit’s more likely that none of this applied to Julius Caesar himself but from an ancestor.

As a surname, Cayzer may have originated as a nickname for someone who behaved imperiously.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Cayser (English)
  • Kayzer (English)
  • Keyzor (English)
  • Kaizer (English)
  • Kaiser (German, English)


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