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Linnet is the name of a small bird, a type of finch. The name comes from Old French linettea diminutive of lin meaning “flax” via Latin linum (flax; linen cloth) which seems to be derived from a PIE root word though it may also be possible that it derives from a non Indo-European source, perhaps from a Mediterranean source. The bird gets its name because flaxseed was one of its main diet.

It’s also possible that Linnet is a variant spelling of Lynette, another form of Luned, a Welsh female name which comes from Eluned which comes from Welsh eilun meaning “image, idol”. In Arthurian legend, Lynette (also spelled Linnet) is a noble lady who travels to the court of King Arthur to seek help for her sister LyonesseLuned also features in the Mabinogion, a collection of Welsh tales, as a handmaiden to the Lady of the Fountain, Laudine, who convinces her to accept the marriage proposal of Owain, a knight of the Round Table. Lynette could also be a diminutive form of Lynn, originally a surname derived from Welsh meaning “lake” from Gaelic linne (pond, pool, waterfall).

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Welsh, Gaelic



  • Linette (English)
  • Linnette (English)
  • Lynette (English)
  • Lynnette (English)
  • Luned (Welsh)
  • Lunete (Welsh)
  • Eluned (Welsh)
  • Eiluned (Welsh)


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