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Udo is a German male name, a modern form of Odo, an Ancient Germanic male name which started out as a short form of names beginning with the German element aud meaning “wealth, fortune” via Proto-Germanic *audaz (wealth, riches). I’ve also seen Udo listed as an Igbo unisex name meaning “peace” and is also the name of a place in Nigeria.

Udo is also the name of several places in Japan as well as a Japanese surname (also spelled Uto) and with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used: 宇都 (eaves; roof; house; building + capital; city; metropolis); 宇渡 (eaves; roof; house; building + transit; ford; ferry; cross); 宇戸 (eaves; roof; house; building + door). Written in hiragana it’s うど.

Origin: Proto-Germanic, Igbo (Western African), Japanese



  • Otto (German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, English, Ancient Germanic)
  • Odo (Ancient Germanic)
  • Audo (Ancient Germanic)
  • Udo (German)
  • Odilo (Ancient Germanic)
  • Odilon (French, Portuguese)
  • Oto (Czech)
  • Ota (Czech)
  • Ottó (Hungarian, Icelandic)
  • Oddo (Italian)
  • Ottone (Italian)
  • Ottorino (Italian diminutive of Ottone)
  • Ode (Medieval English form of Odo)
  • Eudes (Medieval French form of Audo)
  • Odalis (Spanish)
  • Otis (English)


Female forms:

  • Oda (Ancient Germanic, German, Norwegian)
  • Auda (Ancient Germanic)
  • Odila (Ancient Germanic)
  • Odilia (Ancient Germanic)
  • Odelia (English)
  • Odélia (French, Portuguese)
  • Odélie (French)
  • Odilia (Ancient Germanic)
  • Odalie (French)
  • Odile (French)
  • Odilie (German)
  • Odília (Portuguese)
  • Ottilia (Swedish)
  • Ottilie (German)
  • Ute (German feminine form of Udo)
  • Odetta (English)
  • Odette (French)
  • Ottoline (English)
  • Odeta (Lithuanian)
  • Otylia (Polish)
  • Otilia (Romanian)
  • Odalis (Spanish)
  • Odalys (Spanish)



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