Consuelo is a Spanish female name meaning “consolation; solace”, taken from a title of the Virgin MaryNuestra Señora del Consuelo (Our Lady of Consolation). It comes from Latin consolare(console; soothe), made up from Latin prefix con– and solor (comfort, console, solace), derived from PIE *sōlh₂- (mercy, comfort).

Nicknames: Chelo (Spanish), Connie/Conny (English)

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Consuela (Spanish)



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  1. I love Consuelo! It sounds so lovely, kind of mellow and warm, like really comforting. I also love the meaning and the Marian connection, as I am Catholic. I think Consuelo is so much more sweet and charming than Italian Consolata, which sounds bland and sort of unshapely to me.


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