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Jasper is an English and Dutch male given name which seems to be derived from a Persian origin meaning “treasurer” or “treasure-bearer”. It was the name given to the Three Magi who visited the newborn Jesus Christ. Jasper is also an English and North German surname originating from the given name.

Jasper is also the name of a gemstone, made up of an opaque variety of quartz composed of red, brown, yellow, or green colors. The origin of this name comes from Old French jaspere via Latin iaspis (jasper) derived from Ancient Greek íaspis which seems to be borrowed from an oriental language, perhaps an Egyptian or Persian one.

Origin: Persian



  • Jesper (Danish, Swedish)
  • Casper (Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish)
  • Caspar (Latin)
  • Kasper (Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian)
  • Kaspar (German)
  • Gaspar (Spanish, Portuguese, Judeo-Christian)
  • Kašpar (Czech)
  • Gaspard (French)
  • Gáspár (Hungarian)
  • Gaspare (Italian)
  • Gasparo (Italian)
  • Kaspars (Latvian)
  • Kasparas (Lithuanian)
  • Kacper (Polish)
  • Gašper (Slovene)


Female forms:

  • Jaspera (English)
  • Jasperine (English, Dutch)
  • Jasperina (English, Dutch)
  • Caspera (Dutch, Norwegian)




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