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Elam is a Hebrew male name either meaning “hidden” or “eternity, forever”; Elam also means “young (unmarried) man”. Elam is also the name of an ancient civilization in what is now southwest Iran. The name itself comes from the Sumerian transliteration of elama or from Elamite haltamti which I’ve seen meaning “lord country”, or perhaps from an Akkadian word, elû, meaning “high”.

Elam is also an English surname, a variant spelling of Elham, which comes from the name of a place. The second part of the name comes from Old English ham meaning “home, homestead” while the first part of the name has two possible meanings. It could be derived from Old English alor meaning “alder”, perhaps in reference to a home near alder trees; or it could be derived from Old English ǣl meaning “eel”

Origin: Hebrew, Proto-Indo-European, possibly Elamite to Akkadian



  • Eilam (Hebrew)
  • Elham (English)- Elham is also a Persian female name meaning “inspiration”





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