Aura is the name of a Titan in Greek mythology, who personified the breeze and fresh cool air of the early morning. Her name, fittingly, means “breeze, cool wind”. The Aurae is the plural form of Aura, referring to the nymphs of the breezes. As an English word, aura is used to refer to distinctive quality or illumination associated with something, such as a place or a person.

Aura is also a Finnish word meaning “plough, plow” (as well as aura) which derives from Proto-Finnic *atra (plough, plow) via Proto-Germanic *arþrą (plough) derived from a PIE root word. Aura is also used as the name of the national personification of Finland; in this case, the name was derived from the Aurajoki River located in south-western Finland, made up from Finnish aura above combined with joki (river).”

Aura could also be used as a nickname for Aurelia (meaning “gold, golden”), Aurora (dawn), or even Isaura or Rosaura (possibly meaning “golden rose”).

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Avra (Greek)


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