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Meggie is a diminutive form of Margaret or Megan, both of which derive from Ancient Greek margarítēs meaning “pearl” ultimately derived from Sanskrit manyari.

Origin: Sanskrit



  • Meggy (English)
  • Megan (Welsh, English)
  • Meghan (English)
  • Meaghan (English)
  • Meagan (English)
  • Maegan (English)
  • Maeghan (English)
  • Margaret (English)
  • Marjorie (English)
  • Marjory (English)
  • Margery (English)
  • Margarita (Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Late Roman, Greek)
  • Margarid (Armenian)
  • Margarit (Armenian)
  • Margarida (Catalan, Portuguese, Galician, Occitan)
  • Margareta (German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Romanian, Slovene, Dutch, Finnish, Croatian)
  • Markéta (Czech, Slovak)
  • Margaréta (Hungarian, Slovak)
  • Margita (Slovak)
  • Margit (Hungarian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Estonian, German)
  • Margrethe (Danish, Norwegian)
  • Margarethe (German, Danish)
  • Margaretha (Dutch, German)
  • Margriet (Dutch)
  • Margreet (Dutch, Limburgish)
  • Maret (Estonian)
  • Maarit (Finnish)
  • Marketta (Finnish)
  • Margareeta (Finnish)
  • Marguerite (French)
  • Margot (French)
  • Margaux (French)
  • Gretchen (German, English)
  • Gretel (German)
  • Greta (German, Italian, Lithuanian, Swedish, English)
  • Margalit (Hebrew)
  • Margalita (Hebrew)
  • Margaid (Manx)
  • Marit (Swedish, Norwegian)
  • Małgorzata (Polish)
  • Maighread (Scottish)
  • Mairead (Scottish)
  • Maisie (Scottish)
  • Marsaili (Scottish)
  • Marged (Welsh)
  • Mererid (Welsh)
  • Mared (Welsh)



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