Sharon is the name of a biblical place in the Old Testament, as well as the name of several places in the United States and United Kingdom. It means “plain”, referring to a fertile plain though it’s also been connected to Hebrew yashar meaning “straight,” or “to be level”, or that it could come from a root word meaning “body armor”. The rose of Sharon is also the name of several species of flowers, as well as a famous phrase used in the Song of Solomon (“I am the Rose of Sharon”) though the exact flower it was referring to is uncertain. Sharon is also a surname originating from the place name.

Although predominantly a feminine name today, it has also been used for men as well.

Sharon is also a Finnish noun meaning “persimmon”.

Origin: Hebrew



  • Sharron (English)
  • Sharyn (English)
  • Sharryn (English)
  • Sharona (English)


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