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Corexia is an intriguing female name with irritatingly very little information behind it. What I could find is that it’s a Galician female name, or at least I found used once as a Galician name, according to this website I came across which explores medieval names in the western world (here). I’ve noticed that in Galician names, the letter j becomes an x (pr. sh)so perhaps it’s a Galician form of a Spanish name but I can’t be certain about that. It is possible that the name may be related to Spanish coraje meaning “courage, bravery” (as well as “anger”) which derives from Old Occitan coratge (courage, bravery) via Latin cor (heart) ultimately derived from a PIE root word. But that is just pure guesswork on my part. The first element does remind me of Latin cor meaning “heart” though it’s probably just wishful thinking on my part.

There’s also Corixa, a similar name to Corexia, but in this case Corixa is the name of a genus of aquatic bugs and seems to derive its name from Ancient Greek kóris κόρῐς referring to a type of bedbug (as well as a type of fish); no relation at all with Corexia.

*Galician names with an x are pronounced with a soft j or sh sound but I’ve been pronouncing the name with the x; I actually prefer it.

Origin: uncertain, possibly derived from a PIE root word.



  • Coreiscia (Latinized form of the name)





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