Female, G names, Names from Shakespeare's plays, Proto-Germanic, Proto-Indo-European, Virtues/Attributes


Gertrude is an English and German female given name meaning “spear strength”, made up of Germanic elements ger (spear) and thrud (strength). It was used by Shakespeare for a character in Hamlet (1600) as the mother of the eponymous character.

Nicknames: Gert, Gerty/Gertie, Trudy/Trudie,

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Proto-Germanic



  • Gertrud (German, Swedish, Ancient Germanic)
  • Gertraud (German)
  • Geretrudis (Latinized Ancient Germanic)
  • Geertruida (Dutch)
  • Gertruida (Dutch)
  • Gertruda (Czech, Polish)
  • Kerttu (Finnish)
  • Gertrúd (Hungarian)
  • Geltrude (Italian)
  • Gertrūda (Lithuanian)
  • Gertrudes (Portuguese)
  • Gertrudis (Spanish)
  • Gertrúda (Slovak)


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