Musetta seems to be the Latinate form of French Musette, which is the name of a small kind of bagpipe, a diminutive of muse via Old French muser (to ponder; to think about), of uncertain origin though possibly deriving from Medieval Latin museum (muzzle, snout) from a PIE root word. Musette also refers to a small bag or knapsack with a shoulder strap used by soldiers or cyclists, etc., to contain food or personal belongings while traveling. The name also reminds me of the word muse, referring to a source of inspiration, which comes from the Muses, nine Greek goddesses who inspired the arts, literature, and music.

Musetta is the name of a character in the opera La Bohème, based on a novel by French novelist Henri Murger published in 1851, though his character was originally called Musette.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Musette (French)


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