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Delia is a female given name, derived from Greek Delos meaning “of Delos”, referring to someone who came from the island of Delos. It’s the name of an epithet of the Greek goddess Artemis who was born there. The name comes from Ancient Greek delos meaning “visible, clear; conspicuous; manifest” derived from PIE root word *dyew- (to be bright; sky, heaven).

Delia is also used as a shortened form of Adelia (meaning “noble”) and Bedelia, an Irish diminutive of Bridget, the name of an Irish goddess. I’ve seen it listed as meaning “exalted one” from Proto-Celtic *briganti (high, elevated; exalted) derived from a PIE root word.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Délia (Portuguese, French, Hungarian)
  • Dèlia (Catalan)


Male forms:

  • Delos (Ancient Greek, English)
  • Delio (Italian, Spanish)
  • Delios (Ancient Greek)
  • Delius (Latinized Ancient Greek)
  • Delion (Ancient Greek)


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