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Hyacinth is the name of a genus of dark-blue flowers, named after a figure in Greek mythology. His name was Hyacinthus (Hyakinthos in Ancient Greek), a handsome young man who was loved by both the god Apollo and Zephyrus, the West Wind, though Hyacinth preferred Apollo. One day, while they were playing with the discus, Apollo threw it and Zephyrus blew the discus off course, causing it to hit him in the head, killing him. In his grief, Apollo turned his blood into the hyacinth flower. In the language of flowers, hyacinths represent rashness, games and sport.

The origin of the name comes from Ancient Greek huákinthos (referring to a type of blue larkspur, or a certain type of blue color) which seems to originate from a pre-Greek origin.

Origin: pre-Greek


Male forms:

  • Hyacinthus (Latinized Ancient Greek)
  • Hyakinthos (Ancient Greek)
  • Hyacinthe (French)
  • Giacinto (Italian)
  • Jacinto (Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Jacek (Polish)
  • Jacenty (Polish)


Female forms:

  • Hyacintha (English)
  • Hyacinthe (French)
  • Jacinthe (French)
  • Jacintha (Dutch)
  • Giacinta (Italian)
  • Jacinta (Spanish, Portuguese)


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