Germaine is a French female name, the feminine form of Germain, the French form of Germanus, an Ancient Roman cognomen given to those who were from Germany or who came from one of the various Germanic tribes at the time. The origin of the name is uncertain; it may be derived from a Celtic or Gaulish word, either from Old Irish gair meaning “neighbor” or garim “shout; loud cry”, or perhaps related to Old High German gēr meaning “spear”. Germanus is also a Latin word meaning “brother” as a noun and “full brother/sister; genuine, real” as an adjective. It derives from Latin germen (bud, sprout) derived from a PIE root word. Germaine is also a surname originating from the given name, or from Latin germanus.

*Although a female name in France, Germaine has also had some use as a male name in the U.S.

Origin: uncertain, possibly Gaulish



Female forms:

  • Germana (Ancient Roman, Italian)


Male forms:

  • Germain (French)
  • Germanus (Ancient Roman)
  • Germano (Italian, Portuguese)
  • Jermaine (English)
  • Jermain (English)
  • German (Russian, English)
  • Kerman (Basque)
  • Germán (Spanish)


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