Lillian is a female given name which may have originally come about as one of the numerous nicknames for Elizabeth which derives from Hebrew meaning “my God is an oath” or “my God is abundance”, although it’s also likely that it could be related as another form of Lily

Interestingly enough, Lilian is a French male name with Liliane its feminine form.

Nicknames: Lil, Lily/Lilly/Lillie

Origin: Hebrew



  • Lilian (English, French)
  • Liliane (French)
  • Lilianne (French)
  • Lilyan (French, English)
  • Lylian (French, English)
  • Lilyanne (English)
  • Lilyanna (English)
  • Lilias (Scottish)
  • Lileas (Scottish)
  • Lillias (Scottish)
  • Liliana (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Polish, English)
  • Lilianna (Polish, English)
  • Lilliana (English)
  • Lillianna (English)
  • Lilliann (English)
  • Lílian (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Lilium (Latin)


Male forms:

  • Lilian (French)
  • Lylian (French)


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