Joel is a male given name which comes from Hebrew yoel meaning “Yahweh is God”. Joel is also a surname though it derives from two possible origins. The first is from the given name above; the second is that’s a variant of Jewell, derived from a Breton name, Judikael via French Judicaël, which comes from Old Breton Iudicael “meaning generous lord” or “generous prince” from iud (lord, prince) and cael (generous).

Origin: Hebrew, Breton



  • Yoel (Hebrew)
  • Ioel (Biblical Greek)
  • Iohel (Biblical Latin)
  • Joël (French, Dutch)
  • Xoel (Galician)
  • Gioele (Italian)


Female forms:

  • Joelle (English)
  • Joëlle (French)
  • Joella (English)
  • Joely (French)
  • Joelene (English)
  • Jolene (English)



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