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Laverna is the name of a goddess of thieves and the underworld in Roman mythology. It’s possible she may have originally been an Etruscan goddess. There’s no clear etymology behind her name (if she really was originally an Etruscan goddess than it’s possible that her name may be from an Etruscan source long lost)  though there have been several explanations for it:

  • it could be related to Latin verb latēre via lateō (to be hidden, concealed);
  • it may also be derived from Latin lavare meaning “to wash, bathe”, referring to bath thieves, apparently because Roman public baths were easy pickings for thieves to steal from;
  • or from levare “to lessen, to relieve, to lighten”, perhaps in reference to pickpockets;
  • Laverna has also been connected with Latin lucrum meaning “profit, advantage”.

It’s also possible that as an English name, Laverna could have arisen as variant of French surname Laverne, from French Lavergne, a locational name which comes from French vergne meaning “alder” which derives from a Gaulish source; though it has also become associated with Latin vernus meaning “spring”.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Gaulish



  • Laverne (English)
  • Lavern (English)


Male forms:

  • Laverne (English)
  • Lavern (English)


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