Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Greek, Elements, Emotion/Feelings, Female, Hebrew, Love/Beloved, M names, Moon, Virtues/Attributes, Water


Marlene is a blend of Maria and Magdalene, or in some cases HeleneMaria is the Latinate form of Miriam, a Hebrew female name of unknown meaning though possible meanings ascribed to it are “sea of bitterness”, “rebelliousness” or “obstinacy”, and “wished for child”. It’s also possible that it might be derived from an Egyptian name either meaning “beloved” from myr, or from mr “love”; Magdalene was originally a title meaning “of Magdala” in reference to someone who came from the town or village of Magdala, originally located at the Sea of GalileeMagdala comes from Hebrew migdal meaning “tower”;and Helene is an Ancient Greek name of uncertain etymology though it’s been linked to Greek helene meaning “torch” or “corposant”, though it might also be linked to selene meaning “moon”.

Origin: Hebrew, Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Greek



  • Marleen (Dutch, English)
  • Marlen (German)
  • Marlène (French)
  • Marlena (Polish, English)
  • Marla (English)


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