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Waylon is an English male name, a variant of Wayland which comes from Weland, the Old English cognate of Wieland, made up of Germanic elements wig (war) and nandaz (daring, brave), or land (land). I’ve also seen it listed It could be derived from Germanic elements wela (skill) and land (land).

In Germanic mythology, Wayland the Smith was a legendary blacksmith and craftsman who had no equal. He was known as Wayland in Anglo-Saxon mythology and Völundr in Norse mythology.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Waylin (English)
  • Wayland (English)
  • Weyland (English)
  • Weland (Old English)
  • Wieland (Germanic)
  • Völundr (Old Norse)
  • Völund (Scandinavian)


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