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Delinda is a female given name which seems to be a modern coinage, probably a combination of the prefix De- combined with Linda, originally a short form of Germanic element linde or lindi meaning “soft, tender” or “linden tree, lime tree” though it could also be associated with Germanic lind meaning “serpent, dragon, snake”. It’s also possible that it rose up as a shortened form of Adelinda, a cognate of Adelinde, which is the Dutch and German form of Adalind- the first element comes from Germanic adal “noble” while the second element lind is the same as above, to the name has possible meanings of “gentle noble” or “noble + linden tree” or “noble serpent”, “noble snake”; or perhaps inspired form Germanic Gundelinde, the first element meaning “war”.

It’s also possible that Delinda is a combination of Delia (derived from Greek Delos meaning “of Delos”, referring to someone who came from the island of Delos. It’s the name of an epithet of the Greek goddess Artemis who was born there. The name comes from Ancient Greek delos meaning “visible, clear; conspicuous; manifest” derived from a PIE root word) or Delilah, a Hebrew female name meaning “weak, delicate, languishing” which derives from Hebrew dalal (to hang down, to be low), or any Del name, combined with Linda.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Hebrew



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