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Xenia is a Greek female name as well as an Ancient Greek concept of hospitality, especially to strangers and those who seek shelter far from home. It was considered such an important concept that it was even given as an epithet of the god ZeusZeus Xenios, the protecter of guests. There are often stories in Greek mythology, of gods who disguised themselves as humans and sought out shelter from their human hosts; those who treated them kindly were rewarded while those who broke the laws of xenia were punished. Xenia comes from Ancient Greek xenia meaning “hospitality” via xenos (foreign; stranger, guest” which seems likely to be derived from a Pre-Greek origin.

Origin: likely pre-Greek



  • Xeno (Ancient Greek)
  • Xena (English)
  • Xenia (Greek, Ancient Greek)
  • Zena (English)
  • Zeena (English)
  • Zenia (English form of Xenia)
  • Oxana (Russian, Ukrainian)
  • Oksana ((Ukrainian, Russian)
  • Kseniya (Russian)
  • Aksinya (Russian)
  • Ksenija (Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian, Slovene)
  • Ksenia (Polish)
  • Senja (Finnish)


Male forms:


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