B names, Female, Proto-Indo-European, Virtues/Attributes


Benedetta is an Italian female name, the feminine form of Benedetto, the Italian form of Benedictus meaning “blessed” made up from bene (good) and dicere (to say, speak) both of which derive from a PIE origin.

Nicknames: Bettina (Italian)

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Benedikte (Danish, Norwegian)
  • Benedicte (Norwegian)
  • Bénédicte (French)
  • Benoîte (French)
  • Benedikta (German)
  • Benedicta (Late Roman)
  • Benedykta (Polish)
  • Benedita (Portuguese)
  • Benita (Spanish)
  • Bengta (Swedish)
  • Bente (Danish, Norwegian, Dutch)
  • Benthe (Danish, Dutch)


Male forms:

  • Bennett (English)
  • Bennet (English)
  • Benedict (English)
  • Benedictus (Late Latin, Dutch)
  • Benedikt (Czech, German, Russian, Icelandic)
  • Benedykt (Polish)
  • Bendt (Danish)
  • Bent (Danish)
  • Pentti (Finnish)
  • Benoît (French)
  • Bieito (Galician)
  • Benedek (Hungarian)
  • Benedetto (Italian)
  • Bettino (Italian diminutive of Benedetto)
  • Benito (Spanish, Italian)
  • Benedito (Portuguese)
  • Bendiks (Latvian)
  • Benediktas (Lithuanian)
  • Bengt (Swedish)
  • Benesh (Yiddish)


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