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Sydelle is an English female name, of modern coinage. I couldn’t quite find a specific origin or meaning to it, though it’s possible that it may have arisen as a variant (or perhaps another nickname) of Sadieitself originally a diminutive form of Sarah meaning “lady, princess, noblewoman”. It also does resemble Sydney, which comes from an English surname meaning “wide island” made up from Old English elements sidan (wide) and eg (island). It’s also possible that Sydney comes from the name of a town in Normandy, France, St. Denis, Denis being the medieval French form of Dennis, the English form of Dionysius

As for pronunciation, I’ve always said it as “sy-delle” though I suppose it could also be said as Sid-elle“. Personally, I prefer the former- I like the nickname Sy.

Origin: Hebrew, Proto-Indo-European



  • Sidelle (English)
  • Sydella (English)
  • Sidella (English)


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