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Rostam is is the son of Zal and Rudaba, a princess of Kabul. He’s a legendary hero, the champion of champions, and the hero of the Persian epic Shahnameh. According to legend, his mother Rudaba had a prolonged labor because of his size and Zal was sure she was going to die. He summoned a simurgh (a mythical bird in Iran sometimes equated with a phoenix or griffin) which instructed him how to perform a Rostamzad (the Persian equivalent of a C-section), saving the lives of both mother and child. Rostam also accidentally kills his own son, Sohrab, unaware of his identity until after fatally wounding and killing him in battle.

The meaning of the name is uncertain; it could be a combination of Avestan raodh (to grow) and takhma (strong, brave valiant), perhaps essentially meaning “to grow strong” or “to grow brave”.

Origin: Avestan



  • Rustam (Arabic, Uzbek, Azerbaijani, Tajik)
  • Rostom (Georgian)
  • Rüstem (Turkish)
  • Rüstəm (Azerbaijani)
  • Röstäm (Tatar, Bashkir)


Rostam- رستم (Persian)


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