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Ashur is the name of the chief god in the Assyrian pantheon, as well as being the patron deity of the city of Ashur (also spelled Aššur), which was named after him. He was later equated with the Sumerian god Enlil. Ashur seems to be derived from Anshar, an Akkadian sky god, since Anshur has been equated with Ashur. Anshar means “whole of heaven” or “entirety of heaven”, composed of Sumerian elements an (sky) and šar (all, totally).

Ashur (also Asshur) is also the name of two men in the Bible, including the grandson of Noahwho lived in Assyria. Though there are some theories that the city of Ashur was founded by the grandson of Noah by his son Shem, who survived the Great Flood in the Bible, it seems more likely that the name originated from the god. The name means “level plain” or “step”

Origin: Sumerian, Hebrew



  • Asshur (Hebrew)
  • Aššur (Akkadian)



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