Muriel is an English female name, an anglicized form of a Scottish Gaelic name Muireall, made up of muir (sea, ocean) and geal (white, bright). Muriel is also a surname originating from the given name.

Apparently, Muriel is also the name of an angel in Christianity associated with the month of June and ruler of the sign of Cancer. While the second element of the name, el, comes from Hebrew meaning “god”, derived from a Proto-Semitic root, I’ve seen the first element listed as being derived from myrrh. 

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Proto-Semitic



  • Murielle (French)
  • Muireall (Scottish)
  • Muirgel (Irish)
  • Muirgheal (Irish)
  • Meriel (English)
  • Meryl (English)
  • Merle (English)
  • Merla (English)
  • Merletta (English)
  • Myrgjǫl (Ancient Scandinavian)


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