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Niobe is the name of a queen of Thebes, the daughter of Tantalus and the wife of Amphion in Greek mythology. They had fourteen children together, seven boys and seven girls, and Niobe boasted of having more children than the goddess Leto, the mother of the twins Artemis and Apollo. As revenge, the twins kill Niobe’s children with arrows. However, there seems to have been a survivor, a daughter named Meliboea, who was so traumatized by what had happened that she her skin turned palish-green, and became known as Chloris as a result. Niobe herself was so grief-stricken she fled to Mt. Sipylus where she was turned to stone by ZeusAs for the meaning behind the name, it is unknown. I’ve seen some sites list it as meaning either “snowy; snow bright” or “fern”, but I have my doubts about those meanings. It may be possible that Niobe derives from a pre-Greek origin.




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