Jamshid is a Persian male name, the modern form of Avestan Yima Kshaeta meaning “shining Jam” or “radiant Jam”, Jam being the Persian form of Yima which means “twin”, making it a cognate of Sanskrit Yama (which also means “twin”). In Persian mythology, Jamshid is depicted as the fourth greatest king who owned a magical cup that was said to be filled with an elixir for immortality and could be used to scry the whole world within it.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Jamshed (Persian, Tajik)
  • Jamsheed (Persian
  • Yima Kshaeta (Avestan)
  • Yima (Avestan)
  • Jam (Persian)
  • Cem (Turkish)
  • Yama (Hinduism, Pashto)


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