Melchior is the name given to one of three Magi who visited the newborn Jesus Christ. It means “king of light”, made up from Hebrew melech (king) and or (light). Melchior is also a surname originating from the given name.

Origin: Proto-Semitic



  • Melchiorre (Italian)
  • Melchor (Spanish)
  • Melker (Swedish)


Female forms:

  • Melchiora (Italian)
  • Melchiorra (Italian)
  • Melchiorina (Italian)
  • Melchiorrina (Italian)



  1. There is something in this name that I like. I don’t think it was ever popular in Poland, but it seems to get some more attention now, because my sis (who is 12) has had two boys named Melchior in her class, which is quite astonishing in my opinion. I also know one guy called Melchior who is German. And I know a woman called Melchiora, which is even more unusual, she was called so because she was born on Epiphany. I like the Swedish form as well.


      1. No, it’s not, it ends in a so it’s clearly female, what I find unusual is simply that this name is very rare. I’ve never ever heard of any other woman with this name and haven’t even seen it in the recent popularity rankings, whether for the whole population or baby names so I found that very interesting and original.

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