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Tiana is a female given name, a shortened form of Tatiana (the feminine form of Tatianus, an Ancient Roman name which is a derivative of Tatiusa Roman family name of unknown meaning though it could be of Sabine origin. I’ve seen a few possible meanings attached to it such as Latin tata meaning “daddy”, a term used by children; or that it could be from Ancient Greek táttōthe Attic form of tássō meaning “to arrange, put in order” though it doesn’t seem likely since Tatius seems to be pre-Roman and pre-Greek in origin) and Christiana (the feminine form of Christian which comes from Latin Christianus meaning “a Christian”, referring to someone who followed Christianity. Christian comes from Ancient Greek Khristos meaning “anointed” or “the anointed one”), Sebastiana (the Italian feminine form of Sebastian (meaning “from Sebaste”, Sebaste being a city in Asia Minor (in what is now modern day Turkey). The name is derived from Ancient Greek sebastos meaning “venerable, august, exalted” (a Greek translation of Latin Augustus) via Ancient Greek sebázomai (to feel awe, revere) and the adjectival suffix -tos, meaning “worthy of being revered”), or any name ending in tiana.

I’ve also seen it listed as the Cherokee form of Diana but I’m not sure how accurate that is. Tiana is also a Malagasy name (and word) meaning “to be liked; likable”.

Tiana could also be a variant of Tijana, a Serbian female name meaning “quiet” from Slavic element tikhu (quiet).

Origin: Sabine, Proto-Indo-European, Malagasy



  • Tianna (English)
  • Tiane (English)
  • Tianne (English)
  • Tyana (English)
  • Tyanna (English)
  • Tiyanna (English)
  • Tiana (English)



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