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Shelley comes from an English surname made up of Old English elements scylf (shelf) and lēah (clearing, wood, woodland), essentially meaning “clearing on a shelf” or “clearing on a hillside,  and was originally used as a locational name for someone who lived near a clearing located on the side of a hill or valley. Although it was originally used as a male name, it’s become more popular for girls.

Shelley could also be used as a nickname for Sheldon.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Shelly (English)
  • Shellie (English)
  • Shelli (English)


1 thought on “Shelley”

  1. Shelley doesn’t generally feel like it’s very much my style but for some reason I like it, but only for a girl. I can’t imagine a guy called Shelley. I think the nickname Shell would be very nice.


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