Mona is a female given name with multiple origins and meanings behind it:

  • it’s an Anglicized form of Irish Muadhnait, made up of Irish muadh (noble) combined with a diminutive suffix;
  • it’s also used as a nickname for Monika, the Scandinavian form of Monica, a name of unknown origin though it’s likely derived from a  North African or Phoenician origin. It’s often been associated with Latin moneo meaning “to advise, warn” or Ancient Greek monos meaning “one, single, only”;
  • Mona has also been used as a variant transcription of Muna, an Arabic female name meaning “wishes, desires”;
  • it could also be used as a nickname for names ending in mona such as Ramona (the feminine form of Raymond meaning “advice protector” or counsel protector”), Simona (the feminine form of Simon which comes from Hebrew shama (to hear, listen) meaning “he who hears” or “he has heard”. Simon is also a Greek name which derives from Ancient Greek simos meaning “flat-nosed, snub-nosed”), and Desdemona (which comes from Greek dysdaimon meaning “ill-fated, unfortunate” from Greek dus (bad, hard, unfortunate) and daimon (god, divine power, deity, spirit; power, fate, destiny));
  • it’s also been used as a contracted form of Madonna meaning “my lady”;
  • mōna is an Old English word meaning “moon”.

Mona is also a surname with two origins. As an Italian and Greek surname it’s a feminine form of Moni, a short form of personal name Simoneas an Arabic surname it derives from muna “wishes, desires”.

Mona can also be used as a Japanese female name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used:

  • mo “peach” + na 愛 “love, affection, favorite” (桃愛);
  • mo 最 “utmost, most, extreme” + na 奈 “Nara; what?” (最奈);
  • mo 桃 “peach” + na  “what?” (桃那);
  • mo  “hundred” + na  “Nara; what?” (百奈);
  • mo  “bud, sprout” + na 波 “wave” (萌波)

There are other meanings depending on the kanji used. Written in hiragana it’s もな.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, North African, Phoenician, Arabic, Japanese



  • Muna (Arabic)
  • Monna (English
  • Muadhnait (Irish)
  • Moyna (Irish, Scottish)
  • Monat (Irish)


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