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Revere is a surname with several possible meanings attached to it:

  • it’s a French surname, a variant spelling of Rivière, Rivoire, or Rivier which mean “river”, likely a locational name for someone who lived near the banks of a river;
  • it could also be derived from Middle English revere, reiver meaning “robber, burglar” from Old English rēafere (reaver; robber; spoiler);
  • it may also have originated from a Middle English phrase atter evere meaning “at the brow or edge”, apparently a locational name for someone who lived at the edge of a hill.

Revere is also an English word meaning “to regard someone with great awe or devotion” or to show honor or admiration to someone or something, like a religion. The word comes from French révérer (to revere) ultimately derived from a PIE root word.

Nicknames: Rev, Vere

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



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