Lyssa is the name of a goddess in Greek mythology, the personification of mad rage, fury, frenzy, and rabies in animals. She is depicted as having sent Herakles into a mad frenzy in which he killed his children (in some versions he also killed his wife Megara though in other versions she was left unharmed) on orders from Hera. Lyssa is also closely related to the Maniae, spirits of madness, insanity, and crazed frenzy. Lyssa means “rage, fury; rabies” from Ancient Greek lússa which seems to be related to lukos (wolf).

Lyssa could also be used as a nickname for Alyssaeither a variant spelling of Alicia, a Latinized form of Alice meaning “noble, kind type” or “of a noble kind”; or Alyssa could also have been influenced from Alyssum, the name of a genus of flowers, which comes from Latin alysson via Ancient Greek alusson meaning “curing madness” or “without madness”, made up from a-, a negative prefix, and lússa (rage, fury; madness; rabies).

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Lytta (Ancient Attic Greek)



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