Halia, Halya, Hali’a

Halia is the name of several figures in Greek mythology, including a sea nymph who lived on the island of Rhodes (named after her daughter Rhodos by Poseidon). She also had six sons with him. When her sons refused to allow Aphrodite to land on the island, she drove them into a madness that caused them to rape their own mother. Ashamed, Halia threw herself into the sea in suicide while her sons were banished to the dark caves below the island. It was believed by the people of Rhodes that Halia was reincarnated as the sea goddess Leukothea (meaning “white goddess”, though Leukothea has been associated with the human princess Ino).

Halia means “briny” from Ancient Greek háls (briny; salt) derived from a PIE root word.

Halya is a Ukrainian female name, a diminutive of Halyna, the Ukrainian form of Galinathe Russian and Bulgarian feminine form of Galenus, the Latin form of Ancient Greek Galenos meaning “calm, tranquil”. In Greek mythology, Galene is a Nereid nymph who was the personification of calm seas.

Hali’a is a Hawaiian female name (and word) meaning “fond remembrance” or “cherished memory”.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Ancient Greek, Hawaiian



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