Io (pr. eye-o) is the name of a figure in Greek mythology, an Argive princess who was loved by the god Zeus. When his wife Hera found out about her, he changed her into a white heifer in order to protect her. However, Hera saw through the deception and demanded that Zeus give her the heifer as…


Iolo (pr. yo-lo) is a Welsh diminutive form of Iorwerth, a Welsh male name meaning “handsome lord” made up of Welsh elements iôr (lord) and berth (fair, handsome, beautiful, fine). Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Iolyn (Welsh) Iorwerth (Welsh) Yorath (Welsh)  


Ida is the name of two sacred mountains in Greek mythology, one located on the island of Crete and another in Anatolia (modern-day Turkey). The one in Crete is where the god Zeus was supposedly born and hidden, named by two nymphs named Ida and Adrasteia. It may be derived from Ancient Greek í̄d (ἴ̄δη) meaning “wooded hill, wood”…


Isamu is a Japanese male name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used: isamu 勇 “courage”; isamu 勲 “merit; distinguished service”; isamu 敢 “daring; brave; bold; sad; tragic; pitiful”; isamu 武 “warrior; military; chivalry; arms”; isamu 力 “power; strength; force” Origin: Japanese There are other meanings depending on the kanji used. Written in hiragana it’s いさむ.    


Isaiah comes from a Hebrew name meaning “Yahweh is salvation”. Origin: Hebrew Variants: Isiah (English) Isaias (English) Yesha’yahu (Biblical Hebrew) Yeshayahu (Hebrew) Esaias (Biblical Latin) Esa (Finnish) Ikaia (Hawaiian) Isaia (Italian) Isaija (Macedonian, Serbian) Isaías (Spanish, Portuguese) Isay (Russian)  


Isadora is a variant spelling of Isidora, the feminine form of Isidore which comes from Ancient Greek Isidoros meaning “gift of Isis”, Isis being an Egyptian goddess combined with Ancient Greek doron (gift) . Nicknames: Isa, Dora, Izzy/Izzie Origin: Ancient Egyptian, Proto-Indo-European Variants: Isidora (Ancient Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Serbian, Russian, Italian, English) Izadora (English)   Male forms: Isidoros (Ancient Greek) Isidorus…


Ilya is a Russian male name, the Russian form of Elijah which comes from Hebrew meaning “my God is Yahweh” or “Yahweh is my God”. Nicknames: Ilyusha (Russian), Ilyushenka (Russian) Origin: Hebrew Variants: Ilia (Russian, Georgian, Bulgarian) Ilija (Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian) Iliya (Bulgarian) Elias (Portuguese, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, English, Dutch, Greek) Elijah (English, Hebrew) Ilias…


Inkeri is a Finnish female name, the Finnish form of Old Norse Ingiríðr meaning “Ing is beautiful”, combined with Old Norse fríðr (beautiful, lovely, fair) and Ing, being another name for Yngvi, the name of an Old Norse god of fertility who may have been an older form or a different name for Freyr, which comes via Proto-Germanic *frawjaz meaning “lord” derived from a PIE root word. Yngvi may…


Itzal is a Basque male name and word meaning “shadow”. I’ve also seen it listed as a female name Origin: Basque