Mallory comes from an English surname of Norman origin via Old French malheure meaning “unhappy, unlucky”, made up from mal (bad) and eur (fortune, chance), essentially meaning “unfortunate”. It apparently originated as a nickname for someone who was unfortunate. Though Mallory is popular girl’s name, it has had some use as a male name as well. Nicknames: Mal,…


Makoto is a Japanese unisex name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used: makoto 誠 “sincerity”; makoto 真 “true; reality”; makoto 眞 “truth”; ma 愛 “love, affection” + koto 琴 “harp, koto” (愛琴) *used as a feminine name ma; makoto 真 “true; reality” + koto 琴 “harp, koto” (真琴); There are other meanings depending on the kanji used. Written in hiragana it’s まこと….


Mildred is an English female name meaning “gentle strength”, which comes from Old English Mildþryð, made up from Old English elements milde (mild, gentle) and þryþ (strength, power). Nicknames: Millie/Milly Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Mildþryð (Old English) Mildrith (English) Mildrid (English)  


Maddox comes from a Welsh surname, a patronymic name meaning “son of Madoc”, Madoc being a Welsh male name of uncertain meaning. It could possibly be derived from Welsh mad meaning “fortunate, lucky; good” via Proto-Brythonic *mad (good) from Proto-Celtic *matis which ultimately derives from a PIE root word. According to Welsh folklore, there was a Welsh prince (Madog ab Owain Gwynedd) who apparently set…


Marlene is a blend of Maria and Magdalene, or in some cases Helene; Maria is the Latinate form of Miriam, a Hebrew female name of unknown meaning though possible meanings ascribed to it are “sea of bitterness”, “rebelliousness” or “obstinacy”, and “wished for child”. It’s also possible that it might be derived from an Egyptian name either meaning “beloved” from myr, or…


Malone comes from an Irish surname, an anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Maoil Eoin meaning “descendant of the devotee of St. John”, referring to someone who was a disciple of Saint John (Eoin being the Gaelic form of John). Origin: Proto-Celtic, Hebrew  


Macon is an anglicized spelling of Maçon, a French surname meaning “mason“, likely an occupational name for a stonemason. It may also be derived from a habitational name, from the French city of Mâcon, which may be an oblique form of Germanic personal name Mako, via Mago, a short form of a compound name from Old High German maht meaning “strength,…


Milagros is a Spanish female name meaning “miracles”, a plural form of milagro (miracle; wonder) which comes from Latin miraculum (wonder, marvel, miracle) via mirus (wonderful, marvelous) derived from PIE *sméyros (laughing, smiling) from root word *smey- (to laugh, to be glad). It comes from the Spanish title of the Virgin Mary, Nuestra Señora de los Milagros (Our Lady of Miracles).  Nicknames: Mila, Millie/Milly Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants:…


Maisie originated as a Scottish diminutive of Margaret, an English female name which comes from Ancient Greek margarítēs meaning “pearl”, which derives from Sanskrit manyari. Origin: Sanskrit Variants: Maisy (English) Maizy (English) Maizie (English) Maizee (English) Maisee (English)  


Magda is a Scandinavian short form of Magdalena, a Latinate form of Magdalene, originally a title meaning “of Magdala” in reference to someone who came from the town or village of Magdala, originally located at the Sea of Galilee. Magdala comes from Hebrew migdal meaning “tower”. Origin: Hebrew