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Rekha is an Indian female name meaning "line, streak, stripe" though it could also be used as a diminutive of Bhanurekha made up of bhanu (ray of light, light) and rekha (line). Origin: Sanskrit, Proto-Indo-European Rekha- రేఖ (Telugu) Rekha- रेखा (Hindi)  

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Ranjit is an Indian male name meaning "colored, pleased, delighted" or "charming, beuiling". It's also possible that it means "victory in battle" from Sanskrit ran रण (battle) and jit जीत (victory). Origin: Sanskrit Variants: Ranjeet (Hindi, Indian, Marathi, Bengali)  

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Ryder comes from an English surname, either as an occupational name for someone who was a mounted warrior or a messenger which comes from Old English rīdan (to ride) via Proto-Germanic *rīdaną from a PIE source; it could also be derived from a locational surname, from Old English ried, ryd meaning “clearing in a wood” with the suffix -er as a… Continue reading Ryder

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Rivalen is the name of the father of Tristan in Arthurian legend (in some versions his father is Meliodas). The origin of the name seems to be a medieval form of Rhiwallon, the Welsh form of Brythonic *Rigovellaunos made up from Proto-Brythonic *riɣ (king) via Proto-Celtic *rīxs (king) derived from a PIE root word; and *vellauno meaning "chief, leader, ruler" so the name essentially means… Continue reading Rivalen

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Reem is an Arabic female name meaning "white gazelle" and which is used to refer to the Arabian sand gazelle. It's a cognate of Hebrew r'em meaning "oryx" which is also a cognate of Akkadian rimu (referring to aurochs or buffalo). Reem is also a nautical word (also spelled ream) meaning "to open (the seams of a vessel's planking)".… Continue reading Reem

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Rashad is an Arabic male name meaning "right direction/guidance, right path" which comes from Arabic root word r-š-d (to go the right way, to follow the right course). Rashad is also an Arabic surname. Origin: Arabic Variants: Rəşad (Azerbaijani) Rashid (Arabic) Rasheed (Arabic) Rashed (Arabic) Reşit (Turkish)   Female forms: Rashida (Arabic) Reşide (Turkish)   Rashad-… Continue reading Rashad

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Ross comes from a Scottish and English surname via a place name meaning "promontory, headland" from Scottish Gaelic ros which ultimately comes from a PIE root word. Although traditionally a male name, I can see Ross as being used as a unisex name, perhaps because of its similarity to Roz. Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Ros (English, Irish,… Continue reading Ross

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Roz is a female given name which came about as a short form of names such as Rosalind, Rosamund, Rose, or any similar sounding names. Rose is the name of a flower which derives from Latin rosa meaning “rose” via Greek rhodon (rose) which may ultimately be derived from Persian *wrda- (rose), though it may also derive from Proto-Indo-European *wṛdho- meaning “sweetbriar”. Rose… Continue reading Roz

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Rani is a female given name, a Persian, Urdu, and Indian name meaning "queen" which comes from Sanskrit rā́jñī राज्ञी (queen, princess) via a Proto-Indo-Iranian source which ultimately derives from a PIE root word. I've also seen Rani listed as being a Hebrew unisex name, either originating as a nickname for Ran, a Hebrew male name meaning "to sing";… Continue reading Rani

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Rika is a Swedish and Dutch short form of Fredrika (the Swedish and Finnish feminine form of Frederick meaning "peaceful ruler") and Henrika (the Swedish feminine form of Henry meaning "home ruler") and any names ending in rika. Rika is also a Japanese female name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used: ri 理 "reason, logic; arrangement; justice; truth" + ka 香 "incense; smell; fragrance"… Continue reading Rika

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Ryden is a surname which comes from two different backgrounds and meanings. The first is that it is an English surname meaning "rye hill" made up from Old English elements ryġe (rye) and dun (hill, mountain) both of which derive from a PIE source. It originated as a locational name for someone who lived near a hill where rye… Continue reading Ryden

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Rupert is the German form of Robert, an English name derived from Germanic Hrodebert meaning “bright fame” from Germanic elements hrod (fame) and beraht (bright) both of which derive from a PIE root word. Rupert is also a surname derived from the given name. Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Ruprecht (German) Ruperto (Spanish) Robert (English, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Dutch, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Russian,… Continue reading Rupert

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Rey is a Spanish male name (and word) meaning "king" derived from Latin rex (king, ruler) via a PIE *h₃rḗǵs (king, ruler) from root word *h₃reǵ- (to straighten, to right oneself; right; just). It could also be a short form of Reymundo, a variant spelling of Raymundo, the Spanish and Portuguese form of Raymond, the English form of Germanic Raginmund meaning “advice protector” or “counsel protector… Continue reading Rey

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Rishi is an Indian male name meaning "sage, poet" whoch was originally used for a poet who was inspired by Vedic hymns, as well as the name and term of several characters in Hinduism. The origin of the name derives from Sanskrit via Proto-Indo-Iranian *r̥šíš (seer). Rishi is also a Japanese male name with several different meanings… Continue reading Rishi

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Raquel is the Portuguese and Spanish form of Rachel, a Hebrew female name meaning "ewe". Origin: Hebrew Variants: Rachel (English, Hebrew, German, French, Dutch) Rachelle (English) Rachael (English) Racheal (English) Rachyl (English) Raschelle (English) Rahel (Biblical Latin) Rakel (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic) Raakel (Finnish) Ráhel (Hungarian) Ráichéal (Irish) Rachele (Italian) Rahela (Romanian, Serbian) Ruchel (Yiddish) Rahela… Continue reading Raquel

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Rusty is an English male given name originally derived from a nickname for someone who had reddish-brown hair or a rust-toned complexion. It may have derived from Russell which comes from Old French rousel meaning "little red one" which ultimately derives from a PIE root word meaning "red". Rusty is also an English word, an adjective which refers to… Continue reading Rusty

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Rigel is the name of a blue supergiant star in the Orion constellaton. The name comes from Arabic rijl meaning "foot, leg" from Rijl Jauzah al Yusra "the left leg of Jauzah", (Jauzah being the Arabic name of Orion from Greek mythology) though it's also been called rijl al-gabbar (leg of the great one) also spelled Algebar and Elgebar in English. Rigel is also a surname though… Continue reading Rigel

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Ryana is the feminine form of Ryan, an anglicized form of Irish surname Ó Riain meaning "descendant of Rían", Rían meaning "little king" from Irish rí (king) with the diminutive suffix -an. It could also be a variant spelling of Rhianna, either a variant of Rhiannon meaning "great queen" or it could be a variant spelling of Rihanna which derives from… Continue reading Ryana

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Roksana is the Russian and Polish form of Roxana which ultimately derives from Persian Roshanak which means "bright, light, shining" either from Avestan raoxšna- (radiant, shining) or Middle Persian rōšn (light; bright light). It derives from PIE *lówksneh₂ (moon) from root word *lewk- (bright; to shine; to see). Nicknames: Roxie/Roxy, Rocky/Rockie Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Roxana (Latinized Ancient Greek, English, Spanish, Romanian) Roxanna (English) Roxanne… Continue reading Roksana

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Rex comes from Latin rex meaning "king" derived from PIE *h₃rḗǵs (king, ruler) from root word *h₃reǵ- (to straighten, to right oneself; right; just). Rex is also an English surname, either derived from the given name or as a variant spelling of Ricks, a topographic name for someone who lived near where rushes or reeds grew. Origin: Proto-Indo-European Female forms: Rexa (English) Regina… Continue reading Rex