Uther is the name of the father of King Arthur in Arthurian legend. While the name is of uncertain meaning, it’s been linked to Welsh uthr meaning “terrible” though it’s also possible it may be a variant of Arthur meaning “bear king”. Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Uthyr (Welsh)  


Uma is another name for Parvati, a Hindu goddess of fertility, love, devotion, and power.  The name means “flax; linseed” as well as “light; splendor; fame; tranquility; night”. It’s also possible that Uma comes from an expression, u mā “oh, don’t”, because Parvati wanted to practice self-denial in order to gain Shiva‘s attention and her mother tried to dissuade…


Udo is a German male name, a modern form of Odo, an Ancient Germanic male name which started out as a short form of names beginning with the German element aud meaning “wealth, fortune” via Proto-Germanic *audaz (wealth, riches). I’ve also seen Udo listed as an Igbo unisex name meaning “peace” and is also the name of a place…


Uzma is an Arabic female name meaning “supreme, greatest” which comes from Arabic aẓīm أَعْظَم (greater, greatest; supreme) from an Arabic root word (ʿ-ẓ-m) ع ظ م meaning greatness. Origin: Arabic Variants: ‘Uzma (Arabic)   Male forms: Azim (Arabic)   Uzma- عظمى (Arabic)  


Ulysses features in Roman mythology as the Latin form of Odysseus in Greek mythology, the name of the king of Ithaca who was well-known for his cunning, brilliance, resourcefulness, and versatility. It was he who came up with the plan for the Trojan horse, ending the ten year-long war, but his pride also cost him another ten years…


Ulrich is a German male name, from Old High German Odalric made up from Germanic elements odal (heritage, inheritance) and ric (power) essentially meaning “wealthy, prosperous ruler”. Ulrich is also a German surname originating from the given name. Nicknames (Male): Ulli (German), Utz (German), Ueli (Swiss German); (Female): Ulla (German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish) Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Ulrik (Danish,…


Uthman is an Arabic male name meaning “baby bustard” (bustards are large terrestrial birds that live in dry grasslands and steppes). It’s also a surname originating from the given name. Origin: Arabic Variants: Usman (Arabic) Osman (Turkish)   Uthman- عثمان (Arabic)  


Unity is an English female given name derived from an English word meaning “the state of being one; oneness”. It’s used to refer to a state or quality of being one or whole; unified or united into one mind, feeling, body, or argument. It comes from Latin ūnitās (oneness, unity) vis unus (one, single; alone) derived from PIE *óynos…


Umber comes from Latin umbra meaning “shadow; shade” derived from a PIE root word. It’s the name of a reddish-brown pigment clay pigment that, when heated, becomes intensified and is known as burnt umber. Its name comes from Italian terra d’ombra (earth of Umbria) the region it was originally extracted from. Umbria comes from the Umbri people, an ancient Italic tribe…


Ugo is the Italian form of Hugh, which comes from Germanic element hug meaning “heart, spirit, mind” derived from a Proto-Germanic source. Origin: Proto-Germanic Variants: Hugh (English) Hugo (English, Dutch, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Ancient Germanic)