Wilhelmina is the feminine form of Wilhelm, the German cognate of William meaning “willful protection” or “desiring protection” made up from Germanic elements wil (will, desire) and helm (helmet, protection”.

Nicknames: Will, Mina, Willie/Willy

Origin: Ancient Germanic


  • Wilhelmine (German)
  • Wilhelma (German)
  • Wilma (German, Dutch, English)
  • Vilma (Spanish, Hungarian, German, Swedish, Finnish, Czech, Slovak, Coatian)
  • Vilhelmiina (Finnish)
  • Vilhelmina (Lithuanian, Swedish)
  • Willamina (English)


Female forms:

  • Wilhelm (Ancient Germanic, German, Polish)
  • William (English)
  • Willem (Dutch)
  • Wilhelmus (Dutch)



William comes from Germanic name Willahelm meaning “desiring protection” or “willful protection” from Germanic elements wil (will, desire) and helm (helmet, protection).

Nicknames: Will, Willy/Willie, Bill, Billy/Billie, Liam

Origin: Germanic


  • Willahelm (Ancient Germanic)
  • Wilhelm (German, Polish)


Female forms:

  • Wilhelmina (Dutch, German, Polish, English)
  • Wilhelmine (German)
  • Willa (English)