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Astor comes from a French surname meaning "hawk, goshawk" which comes from Occitan astur via Latin accipiter (hawk, merlin) derived from a PIE root. It sounds similar to Aster, the name of a flower meaning "star" in Greek but the two are not related in any way. Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Astore (Italian)  

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Hawk refers to a group of predatory birds in the Accipitridae family. The name comes from Middle English hauk via Old English hafoc (hawk) from Proto-Germanic *habukaz (hawk) which seems to be derived from PIE root word *keh₂p- (to seize, to grab). As an English verb it's also used to refer to wares that are being peddled or advertised for sales. Hawk is also… Continue reading Hawk

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Circe (pr. SUR-see) is the Latinized form of Kirke, the name of a sorceress who turned Odysseus's men into pigs before being forced to turn them back when she was bested by Odysseus with the help of Hermes, after which he spent a year on the island with her before leaving. She is also the aunt of Medea, another famous enchantress. The meaning behind her… Continue reading Circe

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Gavin is a medieval form of Gawain, a name of uncertain meaning though it could be derived from Welsh Gwalchgwyn meaning "white hawk" from Old Welsh elements gwalch (hawk) and gwyn (white). Another possible origin for the name is from Welsh Gwalchmei meaning  "hawk of May" from Old Welsh gwalch (hawk) and mei (May). The name may also be derived from an early Brittonic name, *Ualcos Magesos meaning "hawk of… Continue reading Gavin