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Junix is the name of a genus of dragonfly, Junix elumbis, found in Venezuela, as well as the name of a species of weevils in the genus Brachycerus. The name might be derived from Latin junix, an alternative form of iunix meaning "young cow, calf, heifer", related to iuvenis (young) from which Juno derives. Junix is also a Filipino male name, perhaps a variant spin of Juninho, a… Continue reading Junix

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Maha is an Arabic female name meaning "oryx" in reference to the Arabic oryx though I've also seen it meaning "wild cow". In either case, the reference is to the beautiful dark eyes of the animal. I've also seen Maha listed as being a Persian female name meaning "moon" or "moon-like" but from what I… Continue reading Maha

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Calder comes from an English and Scottish surname though with two very different origins. The first is that it comes from a place name in Cumbria, deriving its name from a nearby river, possibly made up of Welsh caled (hard) and dwfr (water, stream) both derived from a PIE source, so the name essentially means "hard water"… Continue reading Calder