Gazelle is the name of a species of antelope, a beautiful and graceful creature that was often used in Arabic poetry as a symbol of female beauty. The name comes from Arabic gazal غَزَال (gazelle; delicate, graceful) derived from Arabic root word ḡ-z-l غ ز ل , referring to something graceful and delicate. Origin: Arabic Variants: Ghazal (Persian) Ghazala (Arabic,…


Tabitha is a female given name which comes from Aramaic meaning “gazelle; roe, doe”; in the Bible the name is translated as Dorcas. Nicknames: Tabby, Tibby Origin: Aramaic Variants: Tabatha (English) Tabetha (English) Tabita (Biblical Latin) Tabea (German short form of Tabitha)  


Reem is an Arabic female name meaning “white gazelle” and which is used to refer to the Arabian sand gazelle. It’s a cognate of Hebrew r’em meaning “oryx” which is also a cognate of Akkadian rimu (referring to aurochs or buffalo). Reem is also a nautical word (also spelled ream) meaning “to open (the seams of a vessel’s planking)”….


Dorcas comes from Ancient Greek dorkás meaning “gazelle”, a Greek translation of Tabitha, an Aramanic female name also meaning “gazelle”. Gazelles are commonly associated in Arabic literature with female beauty because of their grace and delicacy Origin: Ancient Greek