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Gazelle is the name of a species of antelope, a beautiful and graceful creature that was often used in Arabic poetry as a symbol of female beauty. The name comes from Arabic gazal غَزَال (gazelle; delicate, graceful) derived from Arabic root word ḡ-z-l غ ز ل , referring to something graceful and delicate. Origin: Arabic Variants: Ghazal (Persian) Ghazala (Arabic,… Continue reading Gazelle

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Tabitha is a female given name which comes from Aramaic meaning "gazelle; roe, doe"; in the Bible the name is translated as Dorcas. Nicknames: Tabby, Tibby Origin: Aramaic Variants: Tabatha (English) Tabetha (English) Tabita (Biblical Latin) Tabea (German short form of Tabitha)  

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Reem is an Arabic female name meaning "white gazelle" and which is used to refer to the Arabian sand gazelle. It's a cognate of Hebrew r'em meaning "oryx" which is also a cognate of Akkadian rimu (referring to aurochs or buffalo). Reem is also a nautical word (also spelled ream) meaning "to open (the seams of a vessel's planking)".… Continue reading Reem