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Polina is either a Slavic and Greek form of Paulina (the feminine form of Paulinus, a Roman cognomen meaning "small" or "humble" via Latin paulus (little, small) derived from a PIE root word) or it's a Russian diminutive of Apollinariya, the Russian feminine form of Apollinaris which derives from the name of the Greek god Apollo. The name is of uncertain etymology and… Continue reading Polina

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Leoncio is a Spanish male name, the Spanish form of Leontios, an Ancient Greek name meaning "lion" which seems to be derived from a non Indo-European root word, perhaps from a Proto-Semtic one. Origin: uncertain, perhaps Proto-Semitic Variants Leôncio (Brazilian Portuguese) Leon (Ancient Greek, English, German, Polish, Slovene, Croatian, Dutch) Leontios (Ancient Greek) Leontius (Latinized Ancient… Continue reading Leoncio

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Aharon is the Hebrew form of Aaron, a name of uncertain etymology and meaning. It’s possible that it comes from an Ancient Egyptian source, perhaps aha rw meaning “warrior lion”. It’s also possible that it comes from a Hebrew source with possible meanings of “high mountain”, “bright”, or “exalted”. Origin: Ancient Egyptian, Hebrew Variants Aaron (English, Jewish) Aron (Polish,… Continue reading Aharon

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Leandra is the feminine form of Leander, the Latinized form of Ancient Greek Leandros  meaning "lion of a man" or "lion man". In Greek mythology, Leander was a young man who was in love with Hero, a priestess of Aphrodite, though they both lived on opposite sides of the Hellespont. Every night, Leander would swim across the water guided… Continue reading Leandra

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Leona is a female given name, the feminine form of Leon which comes from Ancient Greek leon meaning "lion" which seems to be derived from a Proto-Semitic root word *labiʾ- (lion). Origin: Proto-Semitic Variants: Leone (English) Leonie (German, Dutch) Léone (French) Léonie (French) Léontine (French) Léonne (French) Leonia (Late Roman) Leontina (Late Roman, Italian) Leola (English) Leontyne (English)… Continue reading Leona

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Apollonia is the feminine form of Apollonios, an Ancient Greek name which derives from the name of the Greek god Apollo. His name is of uncertain etymology and meaning though the ancient Greeks often associated it with the Greek apollymi meaning “to destroy”. It’s also been associated with Doric apella “wall”, later referring to an assembly. Other possible theories regarding the name… Continue reading Apollonia

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Lois is a female given name of uncertain origin. It was the name of the grandmother of Timothy, a disciple of St. Paul who wrote two epistles to him. A possible meaning attributed to the name is from Ancient Greek loion meaning "more desirable, agreeable". However, according to this site it's also possible that the name may be… Continue reading Lois