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Rami is an Arabic male name and surname meaning "archer, thrower" which comes from Arabic ramy رَمْي (throwing, flinging shooting); or it could be derived from ram (رام) meaning "to aspire,  to wish, to aim at, to dream, to be ambitious". However, ram (رام) is also a Persian word meaning "tame, meek, docile". Rami is also from Hebrew Ram (רָם)… Continue reading Rami

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Melora is a female given name of uncertain origin and meaning though there are several possible theories to its origin: it could be a variant of Meliora, itself a plural form of melior, a Latin word meaning "better" which derives from PIE root word *mel- (strong, better); Melora may also be related to Latin mel or Ancient Greek méli, both meaning "honey"… Continue reading Melora

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Avi is a Hebrew male name meaning "father" and could also be used as a nickname for Avraham (the Hebrew form of Abraham meaning "father of many" or "father of multitudes") or Avram or Aviram (meaning "high father") or any name meaning with Avi. Of course, Avi could also be a short form for female names such as Aviva, Avila or Avis, making it a… Continue reading Avi