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Bowie comes from an Irish and Scottish surname which seems to be derived from Scottish Gaelic buidhe meaning "yellow", possibly originating as a nickname for someone who was fair-haired. It's also possible that it may be an Anglicized form of Ó Buadhaigh meaning "descendant of Buadhach", Buadhach deriving from buaidh meaning "victory, triumph". The Bowie knife was named after American pioneer Jim… Continue reading Bowie

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Gold is the name of a precious metal with the symbol Au for gold, as well as referring to a bright yellow color. It comes from Proto-Germanic *gulþą (gold) which derives from a PIE root word. Gold is also an English and Jewish surname which could have originated as an occupational name for someone who worked with… Continue reading Gold

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Elektra is an Ancient Greek female name which comes from Ancient Greek elektron meaning "amber" which seems to be derived from an uncertain origin. I've also seen it listed as meaning "shining, bright" but I can't say how accurate that is. In Greek mythology, Elektra is the name of the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra who helped her brother Orestes avenge… Continue reading Elektra

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Sandy is a shortened form of Alexander or its feminine forms Alexandra and Sandra, all of which derive from Ancient Greek Alexandros meaning “defending men” or “defender of men” from Greek elements alexo (to defend, help) and aner (man). In Greek mythology, it was another name for the Trojan prince Paris, famous for abducting Helen, wife of Menelaus, which started the ten year Trojan war. It’s… Continue reading Sandy

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Flavia is the feminine form of Flavius, an Ancient Roman family name meaning "blonde, golden, yellow" from Latin flavus via Proto-Italic *flāwos (yellow) which derives from a PIE root word. Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Flávia (Portuguese) Flavie (French) Flaviana (Ancient Roman, Italian) Flavienne (French)   Male forms: Flavius (Ancient Roman) Flávio (Portuguese) Flavio (Italian, Spanish) Flavia (Romanian) Flavian (Latin) Flavianus… Continue reading Flavia

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Yarrow is the name of several plants in the genus Achillea, used for many kinds of medicinal purposes. Its genus name, Achillea, is named after the Greek hero Achilles, who carried it with him on the battlefield to treat wounds. It comes from Old English ġearwe (yarrow) via Proto-Germanic *garwō (yarrow), perhaps a cognate of Proto-Germanic *gelwaz (yellow) which derives from a PIE… Continue reading Yarrow

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Marigold is the name of a flower meaning "Mary's gold", made up of the given name Mary, which is the English form of Hebrew female name Miriam, a name of unknown meaning though possible meanings ascribed to it are “sea of bitterness”, “rebelliousness” or “obstinacy”, and “wished for child”. It’s also possible that it might be derived from an Egyptian… Continue reading Marigold

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Isabella is the Latinate and Italian form of Isabel which is the medieval Occitan form of Elizabeth, the English form of Hebrew ‘Elisheva meaning “my God is an oath” or “my God is abundance”. Isabella is also a surname deriving from the given name. Isabella is also the name of a color (also known as Isabelline) a pale gray-yellow color, a cream brown,… Continue reading Isabella

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Barry is the anglicized form of Bairre, an Irish male name which is a diminutive of either Fionnbharr or Barrfhion both of which mean "fair hair" or "fair-headed", composed of fionn (white, fair) and barr (head). As a surname Barry has several possible origins: as an Irish surname it could be used as an anglicized form of Berach meaning "sharp" or… Continue reading Barry